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5 Stars
iTunes review
iTunes review
Every so often an album comes along that just blows everything
else away. This is one of them. It has ghostly voices, screams,
creaks, footsteps, zombies, werewolves, witches, dripping, creepy
music and just about every other horror sound - presented in
several different scenes. Sound quality is excellent and there are
enough jumps to scare even the bravest of souls.
Halloween Horror - Scary Sounds and Music
Welcome to the official website of Ultimate Horror Sounds

If you're looking for scary sounds and Halloween music for your party, you've come to the right
place! We're a passionate production company that specializes in Halloween horror sounds and
our debut album pictured above is a best seller at the iTunes store. We now have several
Halloween albums to suit all tastes and budgets - all of which can be downloaded right now via
Paypal, at iTunes, Amazon mp3, and most other online stores. Happy Halloween!
Halloween Music
Haunted House
Torture Chamber
Witches Den
Werewolf Forest
Dungeon Dripping
Howling Thunderstorm
Terror Mix

Halloween Horror - Scary Sounds and Music
This is a blood curdling collection of scary sounds and Halloween music to make your costume
party the most frightening ever! With a running time of over one hour, this album contains
every scary sound you could possibly need including creepy Halloween music, ghosts,
werewolves, witches, monsters, zombies, screams, evil voices, thunderstorm sounds, dripping
dungeon ambiance, bangs, crashes and much more – all recorded in stunning 3D sound!So
turn up the volume, turn down the lights and let the terror begin...
•        Halloween Music
•        Haunted House
•        Torture Chamber
•        Zombies
•        Witches Den
•        Werewolf Forest
•        Hell
•        Dungeon Dripping
•        Howling Thunder Storm
•        Terror Mix
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The video preview is a mix of some of the
scary sounds contained in this album, click
the links below and you'll hear a clip of
each scene which are 6 - 8 minutes long.
See the bottom of this page for download
instructions or you can purchase the CD at
How do downloads work?

1. Listen to the previews - these are short compilations of the sounds contained in the
album and will give you an idea of what to expect.

2. Click 'Buy now' and purchase the album safely and securely via Paypal or iTunes.

3. If you choose Paypal, you will be taken to Paypal where you can make the purchase from
our distributor BIG FAT AUDIO. Once the payment is complete, a download link will be
emailed instantly to your registered Paypal email address (make sure you still have it!).

4. Click the link in the email and you will then be able to download the entire album in high
quality mp3 format.

5. When you have downloaded the files you can play them on your computer, send them to
your iPod / mp3 player or simply drag them into your CD burning software. It's very easy
and if you have any problems, just drop us a line from the
contact page.
© Ultimate Horror Sounds 2012
How to burn a CD:

1. Many people use their iPod or mp3 player to play these Halloween albums, attaching
them to their hi-fi speakers or docking station. But you can easily make your own CD also.
If you don't already have CD burning software installed, there are some very good free CD
burning programmes available online such as CDburnerXP

2. Once your software is installed, Place a blank recordable CD into your computer's disk

3. Open CDBurnerXP and select 'audio Disc'. You will see a large blank box at the bottom
which represents your empty disk.

4. Go to the folder which contains the horror tracks you downloaded, these could be from
the albums above or something you created with our free Halloween sounds. You may have
saved them to your desktop or downloads area. You can search for the tracks in the top
left box of CDBurnerXP.

5. When you have found the Halloween tracks, simply drag, or Copy and paste them onto
your disk - the large box at the bottom of the page.

6. You can then re-arrange the playing order if you wish. When you're happy, click the
'Burn' button to the left of the central column.

7. Your CD will be created and ejected on completion. And you're done! If you need any
help then please contact us
Top tips for Halloween:

The Halloween Horror album is the perfect soundtrack for any Halloween party. It can
tremendously enhance the scary atmosphere youve created with decorations. A scream
from the bushes or a witch's cackle can make any Halloween decoration come to life and
scare both young and old. The sounds will captivate the youngsters as they try to figure
out if they are real or a part of the make believe, macabre world that you have created. The
sounds of Halloween are just as important as that blood spattered door or the dummy you
have hanging in a noose in the tree in your front yard.

This album is probably the highest quality on the market in 2010. The horror sound effects
have been placed in 3D so that you could believe that there is someone walking with chains
upstairs, or that there really is water dripping from your ceiling. As previously suggested, a
good playback technique is to use your surround sound system outdoors. You can place
the speakers outdoors in different locations so that the high and low sounds come from all
around. By doing this you can see the confusion and fright in your visitors eyes as they try
to see where the sound is coming from. Have the speakers placed out of site so that the
sounds will sound like they are coming from your Halloween displays or the bushes. The
more speakers you have the more fun it will create as the Halloween sounds creak and
scream around the trick or treaters and their parents.

Because this download album is DRM free, you can burn CDs and play it on any hi-fi
system or even mix the sounds with your favorite horror music such as Monster Mash and
theme songs from 'The Adams Family' and 'The Munsters'. Go wild and let your imagination
go wild with you. Remember sounds are as important as looks on Halloween night. Don't
go all out on displays and forget your Halloween sounds! We are confident that the sounds
of Halloween Horror will make you party the best ever and we wish you a lot of fun!

Technical tips: This download album is delivered in iTunes Plus quality mp3 format at
256kbps. As mentioned, we recommend separating your speakers as far apart as possible
for home playback. This will create the illusion of being in the Haunted house, Torture
chamber etc.

Attributions: Ultimate Horror Sounds hereby acknowledges the creators of some of the
Creative Commons audio samples used in the making of these albums. These source
samples are licensed for use under
creative commons sampling plus 1.0. Please visit our
attributions page for details of every creative commons sound effect used in the making of
these albums.

Legal notice: We hope you will enjoy listening to this horror album, and whilst we
encourage you to create your own CD, this collection of sounds is offered for personal,
home entertainment use only and you are not permitted to offer the files for sale or free
download elsewhere; individually or as a collection. The sound files contained herein are
NOT FOR COMMERCIAL USE, editing or reproduction. By downloading this album, you
agree to use the sound files in the manner for which they are intended. If you have any
questions, please contact us.
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Halloween Party
Halloween Chopped Up
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